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Before your shift ends for the night, you get a dispatch stating that there’s been a disturbance in the old abandoned graveyard. Seeing that you’re the closest officer on duty, you take it upon yourself to investigate the matter. Armed only with a flashlight, you hope that this will be nothing more than just a night walk. 

As you open the gates and make your way through, they slam shut behind you, as a strong gale of wind suddenly sweeps past. Startled, you try to open the gates again, just to reassure yourself. Not budging an inch however, you nervously pull out your phone, only to see that it is suddenly out of battery.

As you turn back towards the abandoned graveyard, an eerie and haunting feeling quickly envelops the area, making the outside world seemingly fade away. Despite your rattling nerves, a sense of calling emanates from the graveyard, seemingly directed at you. 

As if speaking to you directly, you understand that a desecration has occurred here and as a result, a curse had been set upon the area, animating the statues and making them come to life with a vengeance. Afraid of the predicament you have found yourself in, you wonder what will happen this dark night, questioning if you will live to see the sunrise.

Install instructions

1. Download the file

2. Unzip the file

3. Run the .exe


TheNightWalkBuild.zip 196 MB

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